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15th Iran Petrochemical Forum (IPF)

The 15th international Iran Petrochemical Forum (IPF) will be held on 4-5 August 2024 in Tehran, Iran. IPF has always been an opportunity for petrochemical technology owners, licensors, financial institutions, commercial companies and producers from across the world to exchange ideas and discuss their latest achievements, successes and solutions through networking.
On the sideline of the Forum, a number of workshops will be held on topics related to the petrochemical industry that could not be fully explored in the main Forum.
At the same time, an exhibition will be held at the venue of the Forum, where exhibitors have the opportunity to present their products and services and capabilities.

The Place

IRIB International Conference Center

The Time

4-5 August 2024

Contact US

+98-21-84994810    +98-21-84993225

Main Event

Main Iran Petrochemical Forum Events


With a more hands-on approach, IPF Insights brings workshops on topics that the petrochemical industry is currently facing or will challenge in the near future.

Business Promotion Sessions Registration

Through these meetings, IPF helps companies with technological capabilities and advantages or technical know-how to achieve unique business opportunities by demonstrating these features..


In this place, there will be an opportunity to present the capabilities of a company and attract prospects.

Main Hall

Along with the keynote speakers, all accepted papers will be presented in the main hall with a pre-defined schedule.


Inaugural Speakers

Javad Owji

Minister of Petroleum I.R. of Iran

Morteza Shah-Mirzaei

Deputy Minister of Petroleum & President of National Petrochemical Co.(NPC), I.R. of Iran

Mehdi Safari

Deputy Minister for Economic Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I.R. of Iran

Hassan Abbaszadeh

Director of Planning & Development, National Petrochemical Co. (NPC)

Keynote Speakers

Abdolali Ali Asgari

CEO, Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co., I.R. of Iran

Abdol Hossein Bayat

President, Ahdaf Inco, I.R. of Iran

Babak Afghahi

CEO, Tamin Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Investment Co. (TAPPICO), I.R. of Iran


Tina Zheng

KSC Deputy General Manager

Xiaoshun Guo

Vice General Manager of Marketing Center of Dalian Rubber and Plastics Machinery Co., LTD.

Gang Wang

CEO of REZEL Engineering

Specialized panels


Climate change and carbon management in petrochemical industry

Lecturer: Prominent international professors
Time : 2024/8/4
Petrochemical industry foresight

Lecturer: Prominent international professors
Time : 2024/8/4
Industrial revolution and intelligence in the petrochemical industry

Lecturer: Prominent international professors
Time : 2024/8/4
Iran Petrochemical projects; Status, Bi & EPC 4

Lecturer: Prominent international professors
Time : 2024/8/5
Catalyst industrialization and commercialization

Lecturer: Prominent international professors
Time : 2024/8/4
The role of knowledge-based companies in the construction of important equipment in petrochemical complexes and projects

Lecturer: Prominent international professors
Time : 2024/8/5

IPF Application

IPF Application

To receive the latest news and announcements of the International Conference of the Iranian Petrochemical Industry, you can download the official application of the conference from the link below.


History of Petrochemical Industry in Iran


Establishment of the Chemical Company and implementation of the construction plan of Marvdasht Fars Chemical Fertilizer Plant


Establishment of the National Petrochemical Company with govern- ment ownership and under the auspices of the National Iranian Oil Company


The birth of the petrochemical industry Development of the petrochemical industry in the form of three development plans: construction of Razi (Shahpour), Abadan, Pazargad, Ahvaz Carbon (Iran), Kharg, Farabi (Iran Nippon) petrochemical complexes, and Shiraz and Bandar Emam (Iran- Japan) petro- chemical development projects


Stagnation until resumption of petrochemical activities (completion of some semi-finished projects and reconstruction of war-damaged complexes) Re-emergence of the petrochemical industry: Comple- tion of some semi-finished projects, implementation of the first 5-year plan and reconstruction of war-damaged complexes - Com- pletion and operation of a number of basic projects: Exploitation of projects such as Razi ammonium phosphate (1990), the first Shiraz methanol (1990), Bandar Imam (1990-1994), Isfahan (1992), the first phase of Arak (1993) and Ahvaz industrial soot (1994) petrochemical projects.


Implementation of the second five-year plan of the National Petrochemical Company with the aim of increasing profitabili- ty, enhanced exports, expanding privatization and increasing output and product diversity with special and new products Start of the first golden period of petrochemical industry and implementation of various petrochemical projects (first leap) - Implementation of the third five-year development plan of the National Petrochemical Company Privatization of the petrochemical industry and transformation of the National Petrochemical Company into a supervisory governing body Continuation of the first-leap plans implementation of the third five-year development plan of the National Petrochemi- cal Company


Start of the fourth five-year development plan of the National Petro- chemical Company The second leap of the petrochemical industry (including 45 petrochemical projects) - Continuation and implemen tation of the fourth and fifth five-year development plans of the Na- tional Petrochemical Company


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